Local gems along Norwegian roads, hand picked by NAF.


Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane

  • Enden – Sollia – Folldal
  • 75 km
  • 1060 MASL
Close your eyes and sense the mountains: over 2,000 metre-high summits in a singular landscape decked in blinding white snow, the rays of the low-hanging sun reflecting on the glittering snow, the bluish light. Tranquillity and quiet, and the knowledge that the sunny day can be transformed within moments to threatening stormy weather. This is when you get the feeling that Rondane is a place you must visit.
Nature experience Dining Accommodation
Kongsvold 1

Kongsvold Fjeldstue with it's harmonious, red and white painted houses, is one of the best-preserved examples of the Norwegian building style in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Kongsvold 12

Eat local food in a historic setting with a unique atmosphere.

Kongsvold 6

Experience Dovrefjell's rich flora in the mountain garden of approx. eight acres right outside the door.


Experience the unique and local events that take place along Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane this summer.

  • Ringebu

    Village rock festival in Ringebu

    Join Landsbyrock, or village rock, the annual festival directed by Laugen rock and blues club. See Vazelina Bilopphøggers, Grainne Duffy, and joint the talent youth festival for youngsters.

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  • Ringebu

    Childrens day on Ringebu Prestegard

    Join the fun activities for kids in Prestegarden this summer! The children's day is also nice for the parents who can enjoy the exhibits and the garden at Ringbu Stavkirke and the prestegard.

  • Sollia

    Fosse days at Atnbrua in Sollia with market, cultural programs and exhibitions

    Join hiking in the natural and cultural landscape of Nesgrenda, with art exhibition where you can buy what you like. There is a market and party the following day - with great activities for the children.

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