About the service

NAF Lokale opplevelser, or local experiences, are a travel service aiming at having the best information along Norwegian roads - and through that, raising local communities and giving the travelers the best and most unique local experiences.

NAF takes the position of “NAF veibok”, a well known travel guide, into the future. We are now testing a new service that will increase the travel experience along Norwegian roads, and make it available throughout Norway. We want to get more people to choose Norway as a holiday destination, and when they do, they will get the best tips.

With a circulation of over 530 000 copies, “NAF Veibok” for 90 years has been of use, inspiration and pleasure for NAFs members as Norway's most complete travel guide. Now we launch NAF Local experiences, and the area we have chosen to start with is the Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane.

It is an area with a good selection of local, authentic experiences and activities, in magnificent scenery. The Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane is also close to the main thoroughfares and is a well-visited area during the summer period.

Our mission is to revitalize and make local communities available along Norwegian roads. We will lift it locally and create new business models for the service providers. By making them available on a platform, we can strengthen the businesses - and strengthen the local community. The tourists, both from Norway and abroad, will receive the best tips on local and authentic experiences through NAF Local Experiences.

Do you miss something?

Do not hesitate to contact us at tilbakemeding@lokaleopplevelser.no if you miss any experiences and activities. We want to lift the unique local experiences - we may have overlooked something.

We can not save the world alone

Our ambition is to expand this service across the whole of Norway and take the position as the co-operative to provide travelers with good experiences along Norwegian roads. In order for the service to be a success, we need to bring with us the entire tourism industry, from those who create and build infrastructure, those who organize and those who develop destinations and stretches - all the way down to the local businesses who deliver wonderful experiences. Therefore, from day one, we have been working to establish good partners who can help lift this with us.

But, we are far from done. We are open to all types of cooperation and would like to hear from you. Send an email to post@lokaleopplevelser.no.

Your feedback is important

NAF Local experiences are our pilot project, which we plan to make even bigger. We hope you can tell us what you think so we can keep tuning and making our service even better. Send us your experiences at tilbakemelding@lokaleopplevelser.no. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who is NAF

The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) is the largest member- and consumer organization in the Nordic region with 500 000 members, 2500 volunteers and dedicated union representatives. For more than 90 years, NAF has released the roadmap, NAF Veibok. With a circulation of over 530 000 copies, NAF Veibok has benefited NAF members as Norway's most complete travel guide since 1928.

Now we are working on developing new services that take the books position into the future and take the role of the unifying player that gives travelers good experiences along Norwegian roads.

Main Partners

Curated by NAF in cooperation with:

Rondanevegen and Norwegian Scenic Routes