Atnbrufossen Vannbruksmuseum og Fossehuset

Fv27 Atnbrua, 2477 Sollia, Norge - Map

Open: 30 June - 12 August 2018. All days 12 - 15.

The Atnbru area is one of the most prestigious cultural landscapes in Hedmark, and for many reason. The area is masterful and the nature around the waterfall is amazing.

In the bright birch forest lies Fossehuset at the Atnbrufossen. The water museum was previously an old sawmill with flooding plants and power plants, now there are also exhibitions and concerts. The museum represents the old construction practice in timber, while the new Fossehuset, located directly at the aquaculture museum, shows modern use of wood as a building material.

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From 31 of August to 2 of September the event “Fossedagene” is taking place. You can go hiking in the natural and cultural landscape of Nesgrenda, with a theme exhibition about hunting and fishing, and art exhibitions where you can buy what you like. There is a market and party the following day - with great activities for the children. Enjoy the local products, museum and the delicious food serving. If you are nearby, it is definitely worth a visit.

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Atnbrufossen Vannbruksmuseum

Fv27 Atnbrua, 2477 Sollia, Norge


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