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"Kjell Aukrust without Alvdal? - almost unthinkable. That's where I have my personality. The substance and the pictures."

This is what Kjell Aukrust says about his childhood in Alvdal. In this environment he found the ideas and inspiration of many of the drawings and stories that made him one of our most popular writer and artist.

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Nobody is too old for Kjell Aukrust. One hour south of Røros lies Alvdal, childhood building to Aukrust, and Aukrustsenteret. Here you can join a journey into the artists' lives, authorship and fantasy world. Join the rocket workshop, get your photo in the paper "Flaklypa tidende", taste chocolate from Reodor Felgen's chocolate machine, watch movies in Flåklypasalen or relax in Solan's cafe.

At Flåklypatoppen, Reodor Felgen has built a moon rocket - and you can join a prototype shop; a competition to build the best invention for spacecraft in Lego. There are great activities for everyone. Aukrustsenteret is a magical place in Alvdal, for both young and old. Aukrustsenteret is designed by architect Sverre Fehn - a major name in modern architecture.

Solan's cafe is located in the center of Aukrustsenteret and offers clean, local ingredients and real joy of food. The chef at Solan's cafe is a true Alvdøl. He promises fresh frying from the kitchen and will serve food that gives an experience of both local produce and adventurous tastes from far beyond Flåklypa's borders.


Nord-Østerdalsveien 5119, 2560 Alvdal, Norway


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