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Bergseng Seter is a place consisting of seven restored log houses of unique character - the oldest are from 1793. There is no mobile coverage or TV. The point is to stay well, sleep well and fall in love with the traditions, nature and the simple pleasures of a true Norwegian farm.

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Farmlife has deep traditions in the Grimsdalen Valley, and the valley itself has a long and interesting history. Emphasis has been placed on preserving the old characteristic of the townhouses. Inside, there is a good balance between the traditional and modern facilities. Here you can even feed animals and ride horses.

Bergseng Seter is ideally situated on Tollevshaugen, with beautiful views of Rondane and beyond the valley. You can stay at the place for 1 day, 2 days, half week or full week.

A beautiful mountain valley

Bergseng Seter is located in one of Norway's most beautiful mountain valley - the Grimsdalen Valley. Grimsdalen has an interesting quaternary geology with many landscape formations from the last ice age. Here there are traces of old settlement, with animal graves and mass suspension facilities, as well as funnels and burial mounds from the Viking era.

The abandoned mining plant from 1750 is worth a visit. There are organized and planned great trails that suit everyone, both bike rides and hikes, for those who want to climb tops, one can do that too.

This is Lars

In 1998, Liv and Hans started to rent out the townhouses for accommodation. In 2014, his son Lars moved over, and in addition, he produces dairy with his own animals at Løken Seter by the river Grimse. According to Lars, the best part about running Bergseng Seter is the workplace itself, the nature, the view, and the guests who return year after year. Bergseng Seter is a family-friendly townhouse, where you will feel welcome and at home, at the same time getting to know how to love and live in the Norwegian mountains.

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Grimsdalsvegen 3002, 2662 Dovre


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