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Canoe down glass clear Atna river

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Fv27, 2580 Folldal, Norge - Map

Open: June 20 - August 20, 2018. All days from 11 - 18.

At Strømbu Rasteplass they offer canoe rental and canoe courses. You can leave your car for a couple of hours or a couple of days, and paddle down the glass-clear Atna river.

The river has a nice, steady stream that means you almost do not need to paddle. When you rest your arms, you can peek into the clear water and look for fish. With Rondane as a backdrop, the surroundings are spectacular, overlooking the blue mountains, surrounded by free-flowing sheep and a bustling birdlife. The crisp white beaches, and the possibilities to grill, set up a tent and bathe make the place perfect for a break.

“Strømbu rast og info” arranges car shuttle and transport of canoes. It costs 300 kroner for one day and 150 kroner for the next day - the package includes 1 canoe, oars, float vests and transport to return the canoes.

Strømbu rasteplass

Fv27, 2580 Folldal, Norge


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