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Folldal Mines - a unique industrial community

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Verket 47, 2580 Folldal, Norway - Map -

Open: June 9 - September 9th 2018. All days 11 - 18.

Experience a unique industrial community with roots back as far as the 1700s. An exciting museum that conveys the history of the ancient mining community in Folldal, Hedmark.

Folldal mines is an old mining community, and one of Norway's most important technical industrial heritage sites. The area consists of about 70 buildings, mining gates and landfill. The plant was in operation from 1748 to 1993, delivering copper, zinc and sulfur.

Today there is an active area with museums, exhibitions, marked trails, cafes, accommodation and the main attraction - the mine. You can join a tour of the mineshaft by train, visit the exciting museum, get an insight into the social life of the work along cultural paths, and there are fun nature trails for the kids.

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Mineshaft by train

Join an exciting train ride through a mining trail with roots back to the 1700s. 600 meters into the mountains lies Worms Hall, a distinctive dissemination arena and an exciting venue for concerts, companies and dining.

Adults over 15 years: 120, -
Children 3 - 15 years: 60, -
Children 0-3 years: Free

Children under 8 years old only accompany adults


Get acquainted with the secrets of the mountain and the people who drove them out. At the museum you can learn more about the mining industry and rocks and minerals. Experience local animal species, geology, hunting, and get information about the national parks and mountains in the area. The mammoth Malmfred has probably trampled in the mining area 40,000 years ago. In the summer of 2017 he returned to the mining museum. Stop by and greet him!

Adults over 15 years: 50, -
Children 3 - 15 years: 25, -
Children 0 - 3 years: free of charge


At the bottom of the mine there is a parking lot with information and a special viewpoint. The viewpoint is part of the facilitation by the National Tourist Route Rondane. It was designed by Landscape Architect Inge Dahlman, Brødrene Gjermundshaug AS has been responsible for the execution.

Video: Nasjonale turistveger

Folldal Gruver

Verket 47, 2580 Folldal, Norway


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