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Gallery Slåen - a colorful high-mountain gallery

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Søndre Slåen, 2584 Dalholen, Norge - Map -

An exciting gallery filled to the verge of humor and colors! Take a trip to Galleri Slåen this summer and experience a colorful high-mountain gallery out of the ordinary.

Enjoy a calming atmosphere surrounded by nature and creativity. Visitors say Galleri Slåen is a beautiful place that must be experienced. The listed nature pearl is 900 meters above sea level and is filled with different kinds of art over two floors; ceramics, glasses, sculptures, jewelry, graphics, paintings, textiles and soap - there is something for everyone here-

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30 different artists are handpicked by gallerist Kari. Visit Gallery Slåen and have a coffee at the cafe right next door. In the cafe that is located in Ragnhildstua, you can enjoy fresh coffee and traditional baked goods, homemade goodies, organic ice cream and confectionery chocolate. Rondanevegens alpine gallery offers more than great art.

This is Kari

Kari's dream of owning her own art gallery got real in 2009. A few years back she worked in Gallery Cornelius in Larvik and her love of art grew. Gallery Slåen is an inspirational gallery - filled with humor, joy and color and reflects the personality of Kari. She lives at the farm Slåsæther, north of Folldal, with the guy who runs the farm, with dairy cattle and grass production.

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Galleri Slåen

Søndre Slåen, 2584 Dalholen, Norge


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