Glopheim Kafé - Norway's best-kept retro cafe

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Atneosveien 91, 2476 Atna - Map

A retro cafe with stories and bricks.

Midway between Oslo and Trondheim lies the beautiful, retro Glopheim cafe. The 50's cafe has been untouched since it was built in 1947 and rebuilt in 53, it is protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, and has been awarded Olavsrosa by the Norwegian cultural heritage Foundation.

The place has been run for many years as a cafe and bakery, and there is a reason why the cafe still stands. Delicious, simple local hot dishes are served to groups, while offering cultural and nature history about Glopheim, Atna and the surrounding area.

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The well-preserved cafe has a jukebox, flipper, cutter box, black and white TV and hinged chairs with respatex tables. Enter a feeling of nostalgia and joy. Enjoy the cafe's famous Viennese bread, crispy waffles and cakes while the 50's and 60's music fills the room.

Glopheim Kafé

Atneosveien 91, 2476 Atna


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