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Kvebergsøya Gard - with roots dating back to the 16th century

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Døltjønnsætervegen 99, 2582 Grimsbu, Norge - Map
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Kvebergsøya Gard is idyllically situated in Grimsbu in Folldal. The farm has roots back to the 16th century and has old, restored buildings and modern facilities.

The farm is peacefully situated close to the woods and the river Grimsa, enclosed by beautiful mountains. The farm is driven with emphasis on showing traditional farming methods. There are many animals on the farm, above all at lot of horses used for both trips and work.

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A place for everything

You can enjoy the natural silence, and fish or go hiking in the surrounding area. The hosts will provide maps and information about excursions, such as Snøhetta viewpoint, Folldal Mines, musk ox and moose safaris, and canoe and bicycle rental. Kvebergsøya also offers horse riding, and there are great opportunities to see wildlife such as moose, reef, beaver, deer, eagles and other rare bird species.

Lovely homemade food

The idyllic place offers full dining. In the old "Olastua" you get traditional food from the farm, the forest and the mountain. Reindeer, moose and self-caught trout tastes extra good after a day of activities on the farm or a ride with the horses. Here you can have cheese, beer, sour cream porridge, bacon and wonderful cakes. Everything home-made, home-brewed and home-baked.

This is Eris og Martin

Eris and Martin welcome you to Kvebergsøya. It was purchased by Martin's father in the 1960s. After the couple met, they moved together to Kvebergsøya. At that time the place was in a bad condition, and the couple restored 400 windows, rebuilt the house and filled the stable with animals. They are quite busy, but it is a lifestyle that they both love. As they themselves say so; it's a good bustle.

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Døltjønnsætervegen 99, 2582 Grimsbu, Norge


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