Nature experience

Moose safari on the magnificent Dovrefjell

  • Dalholen
  • 2 hours
  • English and Norwegian

500,- per person

Host Bjorn

Your local guide


500,- per person

Do you want to go on a moose safari in the Dovrefjell area? Moose safari is an exciting activity of high quality, where the host, Bjørn, says it's a 99% chance of seeing the great animal.

The experience starts in Bjørn’s gallery, where you get the stories behind the wild life pictures he has taken. Then he shows you the barn where he has a large collection of antlers that tells a lot about the life of the moose. Then it's time to go out in the forest and see if you can find some moose. Bjørn is carrying a telescope and binoculars, and ensures you a good natural experience no matter what.

Bjørn is not only a friend of the moose but also a photographer and helps you capture the beautiful natural moments in a spectacular way. The moose is timid and is often difficult to get close to, but with Bjørn on the team you have a brilliant opportunity to experience Norwegian nature close up.

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This is what you need

Moose safari is suitable for both individuals and groups. The terrain of the beautiful valley and mountain ranges is easily accessible to all. Longest walking distance is 200 meters in light terrain. Moose safari nights can get cool, so bring warm clothes and don’t forget your camera.

This is Bjørn

Bjørn is a really nice guy. He is a full-time photographer, writer and film photographer, and has written a number of articles in various nature and animal magazines. His interest in nature started early. Before the age of 10, Bjørn started bird watching and fishing. He has been doing nature photography since 1973, and is known for getting close to the animals. He has been doing moose safari for several years, and is well known in the area. Fun fact; Bjørn was the first in Norway to film wild wolf in 2001. You are in safe hands with Bjørn as a guide.

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