Nature experience

Musk ox safari on Dovrefjell

  • Oppdal
  • 5 hours
  • English, German and Norwegian

450,- per person

Host Kongsvold

Your local guide

Kongsvold Fjeldstue

450,- per person

Do you want to experience Norway's most exotic animals up close? Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park is the only place in Norway, and one of the few places in the world where you can participate in guided musk ox safaris.

Musk ox is the most rational, peaceful and proud animal one can visit. If the rules are followed, the musk ox accepts a visit within 200 meters without running away. The musk ox is wild and not marked or chipped in any way. Terje has been a musk ox guide for 12 years, and will tell you about everything from the origin of the animal, how they came to Norway, how they group - how they live daily to how they eat.

The experience starts in the fireplace lounge at Kongsvold Fjeldstue, the hike varies depending on where the musk ox is. Dovrefjell is beautiful in itself, and not least with a rich plant and wildlife, even if it's a musk ox safari you may see both grouse, fox, rabbit and buzzards on the trip. Theres time for lunch and coffee on the trip.

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This is what you need

The nature experience takes between 4 and 6 hours, so you need good footwear. The hike is pleasant, all though pretty steep, so you should be used to hiking. The trip goes along a path up to the mountain, in great terrain and ends at the national park exhibition at Kongsvold Kro. Dress well!

This is Terje

Terje is a keen outdoors person - he is an educated teacher and has worked 20 years in elementary school. He has studied biology and ecology at the university and is an educated commander at the command school in northern Norway. Terje met musk ox for the first time during the biology study in 1981 and has eagerly visited musk ox in the last 38 years. He has worked professionally and full time as a musk ox guide for 12 years. According to Terje, the best thing about Dovrefjell is the feeling that the place does not change year after year - in a world of constant change. You're in good hands with Terje as your guide!

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