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Rondane Gjestegård

Rondane Gjestegård is located in beautiful Sollia, about 780 meters above sea level, with Rondane as the nearest neighbor. It's a good place to be, whether you are on holiday or stopping by.

Exciting surroundings

The guesthouse is a small and charming hotel, where you can choose between staying at the hotel with 10 double rooms or one of the 10-bedded cabins. Here you can experience magnificent scenery in a homely hotel. You have free access to wireless internet throughout the entire area.

The surroundings offer a multitude of activities. Rondane has everything you could want from nature experiences, great bike paths, impressive mountain walks and romantic rivers. Fishing opportunities are almost unlimited, and the road to musk ox and reindeer is short.

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Homemade with love

Enjoy fantastic breakfast and dinner at Rondane Gjestegård. The food is made from scratch, with local products and a lot of love. Often they make a small twist on the traditional kitchen, without taking away the the identity of the dish. For Cecilie and Christoph, “homemade” is more than a slogan, it's a lifestyle.

The delicious breakfast gives you the energy to start the day! If you´re planning a trip, they will make you a nice packet of food to go. The restaurant and cafe always have something delicious to offer. The food is based on local products from the area and is served in the restaurant from 7pm. Remember to book a table.

This is Cecilie and Christoph

In 2008, Cecilie and Christoph were on a road trip as they passed the guesthouse and stopped for a coffee. They met a man who worked in the yard and said he was lucky to work in such a beautiful place, that it seemed like a dream. The man replied that their dream could be true - the farm was for sale. A few months later, in 2009, the sale was made and Cecilie and Christoph moved in. For the owners, much of the pleasure of running Rondane Gjestegård is their guests. They provide that little extra, which makes your stay particularly good. Rondane Gjestegård serve homemade food and delicious freshly baked cakes in a cozy setting.

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Rondane Gjestegård

Rondeveien 34, 2477 Sollia


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