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Open: Wed - Sun 12 - 16 until August 19th

An unique collection of weapons, uniforms and effects from WW2.

The unique museum at Amperhaugen opened on May 8th 2017, and exhibits a very special collection. At Sollia War History museum you can observe everything from dolls in original uniforms, to containers which were used for airdrops during the WW2.

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The exhibit reflects the 1940-1945 era, and contains items that through its silent language tells stories about drama, debasement and brutality. The host, Jo, has a unique ability to captivate the guests, and want to convey an honest picture of five difficult years in Norwegian history.

This is Jo

Jo grew up with a father who was a member of the military resistance group Grebe Red during WW2. Back then, stock from the group was gathered and collected at the farms storehouse and barn. Durings Jo's adolescence he was told all the stories from the war, and he has obtained and secured objects from the war his whole life.

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Sollia krigshistoriske samling

Lyngstadveien 32, 2477 Sollia, Norge


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