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Tronfjell - Norway's second highest road

Tronfjellet, Alvdal, Norge - Map

1666 meters above sea level stands Tronfjell - Alvdal's clearest landmark. Norway's second highest highway takes you all the way to the top of the mountain where you can enjoy a magnificent view.

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The road is open during the summer and it is possible to drive to the top (also by bus). Tronfjellveien, the road, is approximately 10 km long from Tronsvangen Seter. From Tronsvangen Seter there is also a 4.5 km long trail to the top. In normal walking speed, you spend about six hours at the round trip. The Indian philosopher and poet Ananda Acharya (1883-1945) is buried at the top of Tronfjell.


Tronfjellet, Alvdal, Norge


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